Below are some great video tip son how to get your home ready to sell and fetch top dollar in the shortest amount of time. If you want more information on selling your home in Prince George.


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Quality renovation scan pay big dividens for the home owner. Here are 5 helpful tips on renovations.

To Start

We understand that selling a home may be a difficult and stressful experience, so our goal is to turn this experience into a pleasant one. Preparing a home for sale can be challenging, but it's worth it to get the best price. Use our home sale checklist to ensure you cover all the necessary steps before listing.


- Paint the rooms that are bold or non-neutral colors to light neutral colors to appeal to the masses..

- Store away / box up most, if not all, personal photos and knick-knacks.

- Remove any storage containers (replace with baskets if needed).

- Replace damaged blinds and worn-out curtains.

- Make sure all your light bulbs are working (3000K to 3500K range for the best interior lighting).

- Clear all rooms of clutter until the floors are fully visible, keeping only essential furniture items in sight. Consider a bed, nightstands, and a lamp for bedrooms, or a desk, chair, and lamp in the office.

- Wash all your windows, hire professionals if your home is two stories.

- Deep clean everything, including vents, fan blades, and ceiling corners.

- Vacuum every nook and corner and if needed Shampoo the carpets; hire a professional if you're not up to doing a deep clean.

- Establish a system to efficiently hide or remove pet items like food and water bowls and litter boxes.

- Remove any sources of  lingering odors at the root cause so the house smells neutral and fresh. (Do NOT use air fresheners as buyers wonder what your hiding)

Kitchen & Bathrooms


- Clear everything from the countertops.

- After clearing your counters, put one thing back (think a bowl of fruit or a vase).

- Remove all magnets and items from the fridge.

- Remove area rugs from under the sink and in front of the fridge.


- Store away any throw rugs.

- Clear off all countertop surfaces of toiletries. In the shower or tub, only keep essential items and discard any old soap bottles.

- If you have a shower prior to a home viewing keep the fan on to remove all the moist air.


- Trim up bushes so they don’t touch exterior walls or block windows.

- Remove debris, hoses, yard art and other clutter from the yard.

- Spruce up flower beds and place a couple of flower pots by the front door.

- Make sure your front door hardware is in good shape; repaint the door if needed.

- Clean and sweep entryway and remove debris from exterior light fixtures & all light bulbs are working.

- Power wash concrete.

- Hose down exterior walls; exercise care if pressure washing.