About Prince George

PRINCE GEORGE - #PrinceGeorgeLife
Prince George BC located in the center of British Columbia (on the same parallel as Edmonton is in Alberta) is a city that offers an affordable quality of life. Prince George offers ‘Time’ for you, your family and friends. Many have ‘Time’ to advance a career, start a business, learn something new or pursue a hobby or interest. The four-season recreation opportunities amidst the natural beauty of the outdoors are complemented by a full range of urban amenities. These qualities differentiate the community from other locations, making Prince George a preferred location to live, work, play and study.
  1. Real Estate investment opportunities are possible and within financial reach for many due to prices being some of the best values in western Canada.
  2. Prince George is the northern center for business, health care, education, shopping and culture for the province of British Columbia.
  3. First city in Canada to gain Foreign Trade Zone status.
  4. An average home cost just over $442,000 in Prince George; a lower cost of living contributes to a higher level of discretionary income. Home prices range from $150,000 to $2,700,000.
  5. The average commute time in Prince George is 15 minutes, allowing families to spend more quality time together.
  6. Prince George offers a diverse selection of quality entertainment at affordable prices.
  7. In Prince George, higher education, career advancement, business and investment opportunities and home ownership are all within reach.
  8. The city is the service and supply hub for industry and business activities across Central British Columbia, offering numerous career opportunities across a variety of sectors.
  9. Full-range of amenities in Prince George is complemented by the natural beauty of the outdoors and four-season recreation opportunities.
  10. Prince George is a city where the sun is almost always shining, with 300 days of measurable sunshine recorded each year.
  11. Recreation properties available on many of the lakes within 45 minute drive allows for many to own a home in Prince George as well as a cabin, cottage or land on water front property.