Where did everyone go?

The last 4 weeks has been very quiet here in the Prince George Real Estate market. It normally slows down once the kids are out of school and will pick up come the end of August. But this summer has been a little slower overall. In my opinion the fact HST kicked in at the beginning of July (which by the way, has no effect on the Prince George market except by way of the many misunderstandings), HST 'Only Applies' to the new home construction market and that is a very very small percentage of sales here. The fact we are having one of the best summers weather wise has not only the buyers and sellers heading out of town to lakes & holidays but allot of the Realtors as well. Things will pick up in the next few weeks and off we go again.

On another note, I don't see prices moving up here until we see some new employment. PG has done great job holding its own but we do need new industry etc and that appears to be coming along (see my other blogs and whats happening in Prince George). So for the buyers out there it is and will continue to be a great time to buy with rates low and not a ton of pressure to buy today gives them a chance to find that 'right' home for them.

I wish you all a great summer and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments about the Prince George Real Estate market.

Dean Birks


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