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Searching through a microscope rather than a wide angle lens may be more of a threat to anyone's financial success in the next few years.  I have watched the Prince George world of real estate for the past 20 years to see the majority reacting to small changes rather than watching the big ones.  People who do well and will always do well, hold tight in times of uncertainty.  Many are presently looking past headlines to another opportunity.

Each day, extra light is shining on Prince George and area as the place to invest now and for the future.  We have the hub where a combination of human resources, finances, raw materials and transportation will bring more of the world to our door step.  Over the next at least two years, the cost of financing will not only be affordable but also predictable.  Budgets and prospectus' will be realistic.  Growth and prosperity will be overall good.  There will be idiots who try the get rich quick schemes as usual. Equity with reliable cash flow, rather than unsustainable growth will be there to pick up the pieces.  

As opportunities spawn ideas (some good and some not so good), many will push the envelope to see how far they can go. My belief is a standard must be kept if we are to come out the other end as winners.  The standard I have come to understand in the past 42 years in Central/Northern BC is Real Estate.  But more so, Organized Real Estate.  The standard many try to compare themselves to.  The standard many try to circumvent.  But mostly, the standard most come to rely on.

I learned how much the public wants and needs the information and security provided by Organized Real Estate. The Multiple Listing Service. The standard by which lenders, appraisers, government assesment authorities and of course the buyers and sellers use to make decisions about the most valuable asset they will probably own.  Land.   Real Estate.  

I also experienced the resentment to the cost of this service and protection. I next learned how much the lending institutions rely on: "what is the value of this property if it had to be sold today". What does the current market say about this property? They go to the MLS information to see how the subject property compares to the "real story". The current MLS market.

Contrary to popular belief, Real Estate Sales Representatives do not drive prices up or down. They simply provide an avenue for a buyer and seller to make a deal on a property.  (Buyers and sellers determine price/value.)  In doing that the realtor has undergone licensing, education and training requirements, all designed for the public's protection and confidence.  All actions allowed to assist the public are overseen by managers. auditors and government authorities.  Realtors educate buyers and sellers and help them negotiate a "mutually beneficial transaction".  For that they expect and deserve a fee.

The most amazing part of this system is that it is all negotiable.  Ordered by law.  Up or down.  You can find agents who belong to the Multiple Listing Service system and contract services both as buyer and sellers from next to nothing to as much as you are willing to pay.  However, in this day and age, you get what you pay for and more when you deal with standard.  People who will take your call at any time of the day or night to help you make a deal on some real estate.  An investment that will more likely benefit you a lot more than the fee the realtor receives benefits them.  "do-it-yourselfers"  can satisfy themselves as to their results.

One might think this is a plug for Realtors.  Not as much as a wake up to where our standard comes from.  I help all sorts of people improve their lives through the financing of the value of Real Estate... and the standard it requires.  

Oh by the way...   Mortgage Rates    are only going to go down.  Variable if you can, short term is excellent too.  However, long term is secure for those who can't sleep at night.  I welcome any questions you may have.

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