Prince George’s Airport Expansion Makes It Canada’s Third Longest Commercial Runway

Did you know Prince George now has the 3 longest runway in Canada plus over 2000 acres of light industrial land around it plus it now has the status of Foreign Trade Zone!

Prince George Airport's goal is to be a North American cargo gateway and distribution centre to and from Asia with up to 15,000 fuel stop landings per year and to be a passenger hub to North America and the world by 2020. In 2007 with a $11,000,000 loan from Northern Development and funding from both the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia, Prince George Airport's runway was expanded from 7,400 feet to 11,500 feet, making it the third longest commercial runway in Canada after airports in Vancouver and Calgary. The airport is now capable of landing, refueling, and loading/unloading the wide bodied Boeing 767 and 747 aircraft that trans-Pacific cargo and logistics carriers operate.

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