Prince George is Number One!

Prince George is Number One!
By 250 News

Tuesday, March 30, 2010 09:43 AM

Prince George B.C. – Prince George has been ranked number one when it comes to being a good location to do business among 13 cities in the Pacific US and Canada.

According to a KPMG study which looked as cost factors for 17 different types of businesses in manufacturing, corporate and IT services and research and development, Prince George is at the top of the list, Vancouver ranked second, and Boise Idaho was third.

The study is the most thorough comparison of international business locations that has ever been undertaken by KPMG and contains information for companies who are considering locations in which to conduct international business. Using the United States as a baseline benchmark, the study compares participating cities and countries on a variety of levels which would be of interest to businesses looking to go international.

Areas of analysis include, but are not limited to, factors such as currency exchange rates, labour costs, transportation costs, land costs, utilities, and taxes.

Initiatives Prince George sponsored the inclusion of Prince George in the study based on the city’s performance in 2008 and its increasing competitiveness.

IPG President and CEO Tim McEwan comments, “The bottom line is that Prince George is a very competitive place to do business as a city strategically connected to the Asia-Pacific. We will ensure we are not underselling that competitive advantage.”

Katherine Scouten, VP Economic Development adds, “Our competitive environment for business is related to BC and Canada's tax and financing environment plus our regional advantages for competitive labour costs, land and lease costs, and global transportation access”.

Initiatives Prince George will be taking advantage of this ranking by producing a Business Investment Guide in 7 languages focusing on these advantages, and will be marketing this advantage aggressively directly to regional site selectors, use it as a retention tool with businesses already here, and accelerated marketing efforts as the economic recovery takes hold.

Just another of many good reasons Prince George is a great place to live, work and play.

Dean Birks
Prince George Real Estate


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