Options to living in Vancouver with home prices averageing $1 million…

Last week there was a radio talk show on CBC in Vancouver where the callers called in commenting on the high 'Average Price' of homes in the Vancouver area almost reaching one million dollars. Many said where can we live and asked the DJ for suggestions with no mention of any particular city in BC.

Well let me promote Prince George BC. We are the best deal in Western Canada and if you make a check list of all our amenities, opportunities, wages, resources and not to mention direct West Jet flights to Mexico and the average home price at only $240,000 range!

So if a good wage, good community, 15 minute drive max to anywhere you need to drive the kids or work, cost of living and very friendly people then Prince George is very worth looking at.

To learn about Prince George visit my website and click on 'Local News, Info' tab.

Have a great weekend.
Dean Birks - Full Time REALTOR


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