New Subdivision in Prince George Gets Green Light

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Monday, March 28, 2011 07:45 PM 

Prince George, B.C.-  A new subdivision has been approved for  Prince George.  It is  phase 6 of the Westgate development and will  cover 41 hectares of  property, that is about 10% of the  415 hectares which make up the South Ospika Neighbourhood plan.

The plan  for  phase 6,  predicts   construction spread over  10 to 15 years.  It calls for  development that would see  residential construction  of which 74%  is  dedicated to single family homes and 26% to multiple family.   In all, there would be  475 residental units made up of 260 single family homes, 30 two family residences, and 185 multi family units.

One resident, who lives near the  new  plan  says he is concerned about  an area which he referred to as a "temporary fill"site.  Tony Muldor told Council the  fill was supposed to be  temporary "It is sinking out of control"  and he says  the area, ( grey  in the left corner region of the map above)  can only  be used for mobile homes  because the water table is  now "about 5 feet below  ground level, which we never had before."

Councilor Debora Munoz  has asked if the developers would be looking at some creative ways of recycling  storm water run off.  The answer  was that  run off would "collect" in some of the ravines, but that it was not likely  that water could be used to water community gardens.

The developer says the  area that will likely be  developed first is the mobile home park area,  but, he adds, it all depends on  market demand.

Mayor Dan Rogers says  this is a positive development  for the City.

Council has withheld final reading of this rezoning application pending a traffic impact study which meets the approval of the City, and a  storm water drainage plan which would also meet the approval of City planners

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