ECB provided a Merry Christmas for many

The ECB (European Central Bank) has provided a bailout for the failing economies in Europe to be able to maintain business.  A timely Christmas present one may say.  The debtors can continue to make payments, borrow more and keep the flow of goods going.  Keep the cash flow going.  The creditor economies can rely on payments to continue to come inl.  They can lend and keep goods flowing.  Cash flow.  There are also provisions for future bailout funds as the reality is... the only way to keep business and cashflow between the suppliers and the users is to compromise.  

This is also welcome news on this side of the ocean.  This should keep lenders a little more focussed on lending more with the confidence to compete with the main tool at hand.  Low interest rates.  How much they will move in the next few months is unsure.  I wouldn't expect too much in any direction.  

In Northern BC it is a good time to invest in real estate with all that is promised through, mining and exporation, transportation and all the commerce that goes with it.  And now there is the added assurance of money available to "get things done".

In the meantime... please take time to be with family and friends and to give thanks for all we are blessed with.  The celebration of Christmas is upon that we may have the choice of eternal life.  
From myself and family to you and yours, Merry Christmas.  We wish you only good things.


Bob Quinlan


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