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Recently I had ads showing up on my Facebook newsfeed promoting metal shingle roofs and how they are the be all end all. Well that was fine until some of the ads stated they save up to 25% energy costs to homeowners and add value to your home when you go to sell. Well I hate to tell you but it adds zero to your home value and in most cases detracts. As for saving energy see my reply to them below which I placed on their FB feed.
Side note: Well first off I have no issue with what someone wants to promote or sell but the facts of energy savings and home value is a big stretch. (note that my comments are for the Prince George BC area). The letter below is what I posted to the manufacturer's FB feed as the facts were not being explained.
"Ok let me explain how a roof system works. You have drywall on the ceiling of your home inside, above that is usually plastic poly as a vapor barrier and then insulation....
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