A very close call last night!

A close call last night! So we are sound asleep and at 3am last night we wake up to a loud ‘pop/crack’ and the sound of water gushing. We jumped out of bed and I went straight for the ensuite where I found water pour from the back of the toilet. I turn off the water supply to the toilet only to have the water continue pouring. Then I noticed the large crack that had formed at the back of the toilet tank itself so out came the buckets & towels. Luckily the amount of water was only limited to the water in the tank draining out on the bathroom floor and all was cleaned up within 15 minutes. BUT…. We then thought could you imagine the amount of damage this would have done if this had happened tonight when we are at the lake? The water would have run for days before we got home.

So this brings me to the subject of home insurance. It’s a good time to check with your insurance company as most policies state that if your away for any length of time you MUST have someone come into your home to check on it every day, every 2nd day etc. or your policy is VOID. I know most of us think nothing of leaving for a long weekend or longer and have no one dropping in. What happened last night to us was a big reminder of that and I hope this may give some of you a heads up in case a toilet tank decides to crack for no reason at all or maybe a water line to a dishwasher etc.  comes off.

Have a great weekend! The weather looks like it going to be fantastic.




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