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First, my following comments and observations are made in the context of Prince George and all the money and great marketing we all do for our own reasons to promote Prince George to live, work, play, be educated and or a combination there of. Prince George City, businesses, organizations, college, university all have a common issue and that is to recruit people for staffing, students and population growth. This may be a small item in many minds but a lot of small things can add up to bigger things. “Perception is Reality”.

So, what is that one word the I believe may be undermining our promotion of Prince George to this point? That word (or its variation) is “Northern” or “North”. I'm not sure when this word started to creep in and entered almost all of our efforts in the marketing or description of Prince George but it's really not the truth. Not that its bad, but its just not true. Located at N53 54’ on the globe we are basically on the same parallel...
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