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Monday, May 06, 2013 07:43 PM
Prince George, B.C.- Wholesale Sports wants to come to Prince George, and Prince George City Council has thrown out the welcome mat. Council has approved 3rd reading to a zoning amendment to put the gears in motion.
At issue is the site chosen by Wholesale Sports. It wants to set up its operation  in the Redwood Square, where the adult store “Shagg” is located.
The plan is to add more space to the Redwood Square in order to accommodate Wholesale Sports.   In order to make this happen, Redwood Square will have to be vacant, and that means the adult romance enhancing store “Shagg” would have to move.
So, the operators of Shagg want to move to the Gateway, into the mall at the corner of 20th and Victoria. That change requires a text amendment to the zoning. The zoning required is C6, and that zoning...
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