The Prince George Airport is positioned to become an important link in the emerging Northwest Logistics Corridor.

North America's newest container port at Prince Rupert, British Columbia is the westernmost end of a 1,000 kilometre corridor dedicated to logistics connecting to Prince George and points beyond.

The Prince George Airport is focused on delivering World Class Service at savings that flow to a carrier's bottom line.

Here is a link to a copy of the information package which is very interesting.



I just received this email from Pat Bell our MLA on his trip to China. Thought you would like to read so here it is re posted in its entirety.


Hi All

Back from China and Japan in a very successful trade mission. Although it was a very busy 8 days the benefits in both the short and long term are becoming very clear. This trip yielded sales of 156 million board feet of lumber and over $8 million worth of value added products. Combine this with significant events in Shanghai, Beijing and Tokyo as noted below and you can see the future shape of our industry in Asia.

Have a great week!


1. Our first visit was to the China National Building Materials (CNBM) warehouse at the Taicang Port. CNBM is the largest single importer of BC lumber and has grown from a single warehouse last year to 11 different distribution centres this year covering almost ½ of China’s population. We saw wood from all the major BC lumber manufacturers in BC including Canfor, West Fraser, Tolko, Dunkley, and Carrier from our area.

2. We then visited a Taicang remanufacture plant. This plant uses both BC lumber and Russian Logs. I had a chance to speak with the owner of the mill and he said that BC lumber is his preferred choice for quality, consistency and price. He is only holding onto the Russian logs as an option. This plant produces strapping for the Chinese construction industry.
3. I then attended the Shanghai Building Code launch. This is a very exciting initiative that we have been working on for about 4 years and represents the most comprehensive building code for wood frame construction available in China. In the media conference after the launch we were able to answer all of the media questions on the issues of fire, seismic stability and termite infestations, all of which are dealt with in the code.

4. Shanghai Affordable Housing Bureau was next on our agenda where we signed an MOU that will see a demo project built with the bureau. Shanghai will build 330,000 units of affordable housing between now and 2012 and the option of wood construction is now available as a result of this MOU.

5. In our visit to Beijing we travelled to the Warm Wood Villa’s about 70 km outside of Beijing. These are holiday villas of about 800 to 1600 square feet. They sell for between $100,000 and $200,000 and represent great value (BC prices would be $500,000 plus).

6. We also officially opened the Xiang’E school in the Sichuan Province. This school has a sister school in Houston BC (Silverthorne Elementary). Interestingly a significant amount of the wood used to construct the Xiang’E school was produced at the sawmills in Houston. The event celebrated Canada and B.C.’s contributions to building a new school for hundreds of children in one of the areas hardest hit by the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake. Xiang’e Primary is one of three buildings funded under the $8-million Canada-British Columbia Wenchuan Earthquake Reconstruction Project.

7. In Beijing I met with “Mr Qui Baoxing” the Vice Minister responsible for the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Construction (MOHURC). This was a very exciting meeting with Mr Qui (pronounced Chew) in that he is the one that makes decisions about when they are built, where they are built and what housing is built of for all of China. Mr Qui is very supportive of wood construction and agreed to work with us on a demonstration project in Beijing where he believes we need to convince young people that “mù cái zhēn hăo” (pronounced moo-tow meow) or “wood is good”. This was a major breakthrough and will yield significant results.

8. After leaving Beijing we traveled to Tokyo and attended the Japan Home Show. We had a significant presence at the show with a combination of primary manufacturers and value added producers doing a combined sales of $8 million.

9. Another major event in Japan was the Sagamihara ground breaking. When completed in 2010, the 6,500-square-metre facility will be the largest 2x4 wood-frame elder care home in Japan. The building will require the same amount of wood needed to build 70 homes. Just like in B.C. with the new building code and Wood First initiative, Japan recently moved to allow larger buildings to be constructed entirely with 2x4 wood-frame construction. This is good news for our forest sector, as B.C. is the number-one supplier of softwood lumber to Japan. There is a shortage of elderly care homes in Japan. An estimated 400,000 seniors are on waiting lists for elderly care facilities. About 7,400 new facilities are required to house this aging demographic. If every single one used wood-frame construction, about 1.15 billion board feet of lumber would be used.

10. Our final major event of the week away was a meeting with Director General Shimada of the Japan Ministry of Forests. DG Shimada had heard of our ‘Wood First” act and was very interested in adopting the act for Japan. In BC this act requires all buildings funded by the Provincial Government to use wood as the primary construction material wherever and whenever possible. DG Shimada had the act translated into Japanese and was looking for advice on how to implement it in Japan.


A new first for the Prince George Airport. The airport will service its
maiden cargo flight tomorrow morning, en route to Caracas, Venezuela. Airport
officials hope it will be the start of future relationships with other

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TTM Rescources Pres Says New Mine Would Employ 650 to 800 People
By 250 News
Monday, November 16, 2009 11:14 AM

Prince George- The President and Chief Executive Officer of TTM Resources who are proposing to build a new molybdenum open pit mine south of Vanderhoof, in the Nzako Rd area, says the company feels it can shave off a half billion dollars in investment by going with used equipment.
The project as it now stands, is scheduled to cost 1 billion dollars, and will employ 650 to 800 people when the mine is up and running.
W.K. Crichy Clarke, says we are looking at some used equipment in your area of the province which would cut the cost of the mine by nearly one half.
Clarke appearing on the Meisner show on CFIS Monday, said he has a letter of intent from a Chinese private investor to invest a large sum of money in the project. The investor, who operates a private development company, is seeking approval from the Chinese government to allow him to invest in a project outside of China.
Clarke says if all goes well with the environmental reviews, they would be able to begin construction on the mine in the spring of 2011.
The mine would have a life expectancy of 32 years and would produce 50 to 60,000 tons of ore a day."


UNBC Best In The West -Third In Canada
By 250 News

Thursday, November 05, 2009 02:14 PM

Prince George - The nineteenth annual Maclean's magazine ranking of Canadian Universities has rated UNBC, third in its category of primarily undergraduate universities in Canada. MacLean’s gives it the label as the best small university in western Canada, and one of the best in Canada. As in other years, UNBC achieved the high ranking on the strength of its students, high quality faculty, research activity, number one in Canada, and its growing national reputation.

"This is a terrific result for the students, staff, faculty, alumni, and the thousands of people across BC who have each contributed very meaningfully to the University," says UNBC president George Iwama."It is an important result as we continue to foster greater national awareness of the special environment at UNBC, and the impact we are having in our local and global communities. We are a research-active university providing a personal education to our students.''


P.G. Economic Base Changing - Opinion 250 - News for Northern and Central Interior of British Columbia, Canada: "By 250 News
Thursday, October 29, 2009 01:41 PM

Prince George, B.C.- A new study by Initiatives Prince George indicates the face of Prince George’s economy is changing.

The 2009 report “Economic Structure by Industry” provides a broad overview of the contribution of industries to the local economy.
“This report confirms that Prince George has moved to become more of a knowledge-based resource economy,” says IPG’s Vice President of Economic Development Katherine Scouten.

“Overall growth of the local economy has come from service industries which include knowledge based sectors, and this has more than made up for declines in employment in primary and secondary industries. In addition, we know that the re-structuring of secondary industries has been in large part knowledge-based and has allowed us to become more competitive globally. This shift has added strength and stability to the Prince George economy.”

Some of the key findings of the Economic Structure Report include:
• A gain since 2003 of 2,600 jobs
• A higher rate of growth in tertiary employment than in employment as a whole over the last two decades, with growth fairly evenly distributed amongst public and private sector activities
• Declines in Forestry and Manufacturing employment being offset by growth in service producing sectors
• Significant growth in the Educational Services and Health Care & Social Assistance sectors over the past twenty years
• More recent growth in the Professional, Scientific and Technical Services sector with the addition of 600 jobs since 2003"

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