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As every day, week go by I find the news media becoming more inaccurate with their facts and I don't see a real good reason why. For the record in Prince George the MLS stats for single family homes on the market here as of Oct.30, 2008 is 487 homes! Not the 800 to 1000 you will hear out there.

Prince George is in a great position to recover ahead of most other places in BC or in Canada for that matter. Unlike the bigger centers Prince George builders never over built and most of the previous sales and future will remain in the resale category.

The next 6 months will be a fantastic time for buyers as it is a buyers market and the investors that buy here as well can still get a positive return on their money. Where the stock market people are happy to get 1% to 5% return you can still find investment homes or duplexes that can give 10% or more.

I think once the US election is over and our Provincial election is over (in May 2009)and the BC Liberals get back in, the world gets their finances...

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